Influence of the roots on soil aggregation


  • Carlos Alberto Torres-Guerrero Colegio de Postgraduados


root exudates, mycorrhizas, root architecture, root-soil interplay, soil tillage


Soil is a multifunctional component of terrestrial systems. One of the factors that influence these functions is its structure and the indicator most commonly used for its study is aggregate stability. There is a close relationship between soil structure and plant growth. The way roots interact with soil properties, especially their structure, requires in-depth studies. A better understanding of this relationship will contribute to improving soil conservation and its sustainable use. To achieve this goal we carried out a review of the scientific literature of the past 50 years, with special emphasis on soil-root relationships reported in agricultural soils. We selected reports that mentioned at least one of the processes by which the roots affect soil aggregation. The conclusion of this review was that the architecture of the root systems of different plant species, differentially affects the development of soil structure, affecting the productivity of agroecosystems. It is necessary to build models that explain the magnitude and mechanisms of the soil-root of different plant species and interactions resulting from crop rotations to increase production of these agroecosystems and to make them sustainable.


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